The Transparent Cube

This is the first article of a series in which Greg lays out his ideas on and approach to Continuous Improvement, based on nearly 18 years of experience in the field. Here, he takes us through how he views the wider structure of CI with a view to expand upon this in more depth in further articles.


One of the great difficulties faced by those who work in CI, myself included, is describing the nature of CI to people due to the interconnected nature of the tools and techniques used.

Over the years working in Continuous Improvement I have heard lots of different metaphors, similes and analogies used to describe the process as a whole, and its applications. I’ve even come up with a few myself! But only recently, during a conversation, did I chance upon one that I thought not only summed up the difficulties associated with teaching continuous improvement but managed to describe it accurately as well. That is the metaphor of the transparent cube.

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